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OE Classic 1.0a6 released

May 26th, 2011

New features
  • Create, rename and delete user folders
  • Folders can be moved around using mouse drag&drop
  • Improved folder tree display (faster and better drag&drop support)
  • Move message to folder from popup and main menu
  • Outlook Express import updated to use folders as well
Bug fixes
  • Embedded email images are now displayed properly

OE Classic 1.0a5 released

May 14th, 2011

After a short break due to other projects we were busy with, we're back on track with Alpha 5 version. Beta/release version is also very near.

New features
  • URLs and email addresses are converted to links in plain text messages
  • Better display of plain text message bodies and fixed charset issues
  • Better charset detection in HTML message body for non-English languages
Bug fixes
  • Attachment images are now visible in message display
  • HTML entities are interpreted as text instead of HTML in plain text messages

OE Classic 1.0a4 released

Apr 28th, 2011

New features
  • Message sorting is now much faster and more precise - it will also make program start faster
  • Message sorting by Windows locale (affects non-English languages)
  • Last message in folder is auto-selected on program startup and when switching folders
  • Some configuration items (toolbars) in INI file have new names
  • Main list-view columns positions and widths are now saved in configuration
  • Stored email database will be upgraded to Alpha 4 format to support new features in this version
Bug fixes
  • List-view sort direction triangle disappeared when column was double clicked
  • Some code refactoring to improve program stability
This version can upgrade your stored email database to Alpha 4 format from earlier versions - Alpha 1 to Alpha 3. Future versions will only support Alpha 4 format (and later) and when first stable version is released, it will only offer upgrade from the latest Alpha/Beta version available.

So - to keep your emails downloaded with these early alpha releases you only have to upgrade each version and not to skip them. Database format in stable releases will be less prone to changes and you will be able to upgrade at your own pace.

New features
  • Message multi-select in main window (using CTRL+A, CTRL, Shift etc.)
  • Various operations now work with multi-selection (move, delete etc.)
  • Message-list dates are now formatted according to Windows locale
  • Auto-selection of next (or previous) message after message list changes
  • Status bar now displays messages information
Bug fixes
  • Changing folder didn't work for keyboard, only for mouse clicks
Download new version on download page.

First update of OE Classic is released. Changes include support for secure SMTP servers and some bug fixes.

OE Classic released!

Apr 2nd, 2011

First version of OE Classic is released and available for download.

First version of OE Classic is ready for release and we are already testing it. Here is a short list of built-in features for now:
  • wizard for adding email accounts
  • editing properties of email accounts, removing, setting default
  • send and receive for POP3 and SMTP accounts (including secure servers like Gmail) with logging
  • secure email display (blocks all insecure ActiveX, JavaScript, external pictures etc.) in the main window (plain text and HTML)
  • display in viewer invoked when message is double-clicked
  • view and save attachments
  • message compose and reply editor with compressed quoting
  • moving messages from folder to folder, deleting messages
  • importing emails from Outlook Express 6
We also started some preliminary code for adding basic Usenet newsgroups support. More news and download are coming in a few short days!

OE Classic testing is coming along nicely and first (alpha) version will be released within 2 weeks from now. If you want to be notified the exact day when it is available, then subscribe to the free newsletter on the right.

OE Classic sneak preview

Jan 20th, 2011

Here are some sneak preview screenshots. They clearly show Windows XP shots which is our main testing environment but the software works perfectly on Windows 7 as well. Note that sensitive data like email addresses has been intentionally blurred on screenshots.

Although the goal is to retain most of the user interface as close to the original as possible, OE Classic is not a copy of Outlook Express - it is an improvement. More info and downloads coming up soon.

Main window overview

Main window looks very similar to Outlook Express with all the main options where you expect them to be.


Accounts list and account properties

Accounts list is almost identical to Outlook Express and account properties are slightly simplified and better organized. Most of the options are very similar.


Wizard for setting up new accounts

Wizard is more up to date and very easy to use, also better organized than the one in Outlook Express.


Send and Receive window

Send and Receive shows more information about currently downloaded emails and there is a log window in case of issues with email download. Big icon shows a global status - if any of the tasks failed the big icon will show the highest level of error reached (4 levels in total - OK, info, warning and error).


Web site launch.

More news and a preview version coming up soon!
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