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OE Classic 1.8 released (Spell Check, Windows Mail import)

Dec 27th, 2013

Here is our last update for this year.

New features
  • Import from Windows Mail (Windows Vista) and alternative import from Outlook Express (Windows XP 64-bit)
  • Spell checking as you type in message editor (available only on Windows 8 for now)
  • New POP3 authentication type option - Automatic (automatically uses the most secure method after querying supported methods from server), recommended option if you don't know what to choose
  • Address Book - custom sorting direction and sorting by Last Name, First Name
  • Column editor for enabling/disabling columns in message list and address book - main menu View/Columns or right click over the columns header (Note: Columns can still be rearranged by dragging as before)
  • Address book window now also remembers position and size
  • Help button in Send/Receive window (when clicked, automatically appends error log) and Contact in the Help menu (no error log added), both used for requesting user support
  • Support for BGSOUND tag (only Internet Explorer supports this tag, for better compatibility use AUDIO tag instead)
  • To/Cc/Bcc drop-down lookups now also search through email addresses, not just names
  • Message editor TAB key press now keeps focus inside editor (and inserts 4 spaces) while SHIFT + TAB moves focus out of the editor to another control (subject line)
  • Visual improvements in import window
  • SMTP authentication type is gone from account properties and from account wizard (it only had one option so that option is now automatic)
  • Secure Password Authentication (SPA/NTLM) is gone from account properties and account wizard because it is rarely used and unsupported on new servers
Bug fixes
  • Relaxed restrictions on email validation, email format errors are now treated as warnings (warns you, but allows you to send email anyway)
  • Instead of reporting an error, automatically creates store folder at default location (%LOCALAPPDATA%\OEClassic) if user installs program under different Windows user account
  • Default editor font size increased from 8 to 10 points
  • Access violation when moving mouse wheel over drop-down items
  • Dialog boxes no longer appear centered between two monitors on dual-display but are centered over the parent window instead
  • There is no longer a need to click on message editor to start writing a reply because cursor is now properly positioned inside of the editor
  • Messages are refreshed immediately after they are downloaded, fixes automatic marking messages as read
  • Fixed a few logging bugs which caused incorrect coloring, logging message raw data, slowdowns etc.
  • POP3 - APOP and SASL authentications were not working at all, now working as expected
  • The use of SMTP servers that didn't require password wasn't possible because password was always sent
  • Clicking Previous/Next buttons in message viewer also selects new message in main window list and marks it as read
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