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This version fixes a few serious bugs and the startup error "list index out of bounds" some of you have been experiencing. It was caused by multiline From and Subject headers in a few (usually spam) emails. Normal emails should never have something like this. Although this version won't produce the error again and takes care of malformed headers if you experienced this error you still need to fix the current state of your mailbox.

We've made this easy for you - all you need to do is to run OE Classic with a command line parameter that will fix this.

Note: You should not run the following if you never experienced "list index out of bounds" error during program startup!

On Windows 7 - Click Start menu and in the field "Search programs and files" type (or even better, copy-paste) the following:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\OEClassic\OEClassic.exe" -console fixdb

On Windows XP - Click Start menu and select Run and then type (or paste) slightly different command:

"C:\Program Files\OEClassic\OEClassic.exe" -console fixdb

Make sure you include quotes as specified above - it is required as path has spaces in it. Once you run the above, a new window will appear and print some diagnostic messages. It should complete quickly. Once it finishes, click "OK" to close this window. Now you can run OE Classic normally as before.

New features
  • File menu Save As option for saving selected single email message in .eml format - works for newsgroup (.nws) messages too
Bug fixes
  • A number of fixes with regard to mailbox and disk operations, improved overall stability and better message decoder
  • Fixed "list index out of bounds" error on program startup (caused by different reason than the one we had before) related to malformed email headers like From and Subject (usually appeared in spam emails)

This version improves drag and drop functionality so now you have the ability to move messages to folders by dragging them (of course, the menus are still functional).

New features
  • Drag messages to folders to move them and if holding modifier keys (CTRL, SHIFT, ALT) to copy them
  • Folders, accounts and newsgroups are now sorted alphabetically wherever displayed
  • Folders are scrolling during drag operation and when mouse is near top or bottom of the folder list
Bug fixes
  • Dragging messages no longer causes program to slow down (was caused by reading from disk)
  • New folder and Rename folder now focus correctly onto a new or renamed folder after the operation is complete

Twitter feed added

Oct 15th, 2012

We just added Twitter feed so if you use Twitter you can follow us there as well. Follow button is in the newsletter box on the right.

New features
  • More message attachments are recognized - message/disposition-notification (notification on successful email delivery) and text/rfc822-headers (notification on failed email delivery)
Bug fixes
  • Less-than and greater-than signs are now properly displayed in text attachments that are displayed inline
  • Filename handling is now more robust when renaming or creating folders, subscribing to newsgroups, saving attachments - essentially any file operation
  • Fixed folder rename which caused program freeze if you used new-line characters as a part of new name
  • Fixed List index out of bounds error on program startup related to folder rename above

New features
  • Added blocked content bar above email viewer to load external content
  • OE Classic installation registers program as email and news client in Windows (will be used for setting as default email client)
Bug fixes
  • Last embedded image in message was never displayed
  • Improved compatibility with yDecode

On the bottom of the help page you can now find searchable email service providers database so it can help you configure your OE Classic accounts. The same database will also be used in future versions of OE Classic for automatic configuration of email account settings.

If you cannot find an entry in the current database or if it contains errors, you can contact us and suggest correct settings so we can update the database.

There was an issue with Add... button in Accounts window that normally starts Account Wizard. It didn't work in free version. Paid version was not affected by this bug. This version fixes that and also includes a couple more fixes we did in the meantime.

New features
  • Newsgroups and Address Book are placed in Tools menu and have keyboard shortcuts
Bug fixes
  • Ampersand character (&) wasn't displayed correctly in the folder bar
  • Some main menu items are now properly named
  • Add button in Tools/Accounts window (starts Account Wizard) didn't work in free version

Based on popular request this version enables Address Book button on toolbar. It works the similar way like Addresses button in Outlook Express except one important difference - in Outlook Express this button opened Windows Address Book (separate program used for various purposes besides email). In OE Classic, this button simulates Windows Address Book behavior. Windows Address Book (WAB) doesn't exist anymore on recent Windows like Windows Vista or Windows 7.

Although the functionality is not much different from what OE Classic had so far it is now easier to manage contacts for many users. There will be of course more improvements to Address Book in the future.

New Address Book with functionality similar to Windows Address Book (WAB).
New Address Book with functionality similar to Windows Address Book (WAB).

New features
  • Address Book toolbar icon is now active and opens editor for contacts
  • Added Select All in main menu (Edit menu), function based on focused field
  • Delete messages now also works for newsgroups message list
Bug fixes
  • CTRL+V (paste) now properly works based on focused field in email editor window. Also, Undo/Cut/Copy/Select All have improved too
  • Fixed memory leak for all tree controls (especially Newsgroups list window)

Important note to existing users: Due to changes in configuration there won't be a default account set. So you must set it again as some functions require default account. To do this simply open main menu, select Tools / Accounts and click Set As Default once for any email account of your choice and once for any news account. This note doesn't affect new users that are installing OE Classic the first time.

As a token of gratitude for your continuous registrations of full version we decided to purchase a nice looking GUI control pack which we'll be using in this version and versions that will follow. Not only the user interface will now look better but will also be more functional and probably with less bugs as these new controls help a bit automating things we had to code manually before so the program development should also be faster.

New options window with some of the new and better looking GUI controls, compatible with Windows 7 as well as older versions like Windows Vista or Windows XP.
New options window with some of the new and better looking GUI controls, compatible with Windows 7 as well as older versions like Windows Vista or Windows XP.

New features
  • Some user interface controls updated to new, better looking ones (e.g. attachment icon, from/to/subject lines, options)
  • Added options with these categories - Signatures, Newsgroups, Maintenance
  • Signature editor, browser and options how to insert signature
  • Newsgroups option - number of headers to get in one go. And you can set it to more reasonable (bigger) values than the maximum of only 1000 headers like in Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail.
  • Option to empty deleted items on exit
  • Option to delete only messages older than specified number of days
  • Newsgroup message is struck out when clicked but unavailable on server
  • Status bar now also counts unread messages for email and newsgroup folders
Bug fixes
  • Due to option changes you need to set default email and news account again
  • Fixed some character display issues related to message subject display
  • Fixed outbox message sending - inability to send more than one message at a time and sending messages using wrong account

OE Classic 1.21 released

Feb 21st, 2012

When using encrypted connection to outgoing (SMTP) server, some servers require to start encrypted connection right from the start and some others start connection in unencrypted mode and then require STARTTLS command to mark the beginning of encrypted communication.

Older versions of OE Classic didn't support STARTTLS command properly and could only do the first type of encrypted connection. This release fixes that issue.

This is done in following manner:
  • If the checkbox Server requires secure connection (SSL/TLS) in account properties is checked OE Classic will connect using the first method (whole communication when you send emails is encrypted)
  • If this box is unchecked it will connect in unencrypted mode, then try to detect if the server supports any methods of encryption and if it does - it will use the most secure available method (STARTTLS first - whole communication is encrypted, if that fails, it tries hashed passwords - it only encrypts username and password but the rest of emails are unencrypted which is still better than no encryption at all, and finally if both of these fail, it uses least secure - unencrypted mode).

So - however you check this checkbox, OE Classic will use most secure mode offered by server you connect to, this checkbox only determines which of the two methods will be used. Note that some servers use 2 ports for connecting and only on one of these ports you can use encrypted communication. Example of this is smtp.live.com - if you connect to port 25 it will only hash passwords (second best method), and on port 587 it will support STARTTLS - obviously, using port 587 is more secure.

Future versions of OE Classic will be able to automatically auto-configure most popular servers with most secure settings.

Here are changes in this version:

New features
  • Tries to use the most secure connection available for outgoing servers
  • Pro version now has "Pro" in program title bar and in about box
  • Some speedups in link detection in plain text messages and view source
Bug fixes
  • Outgoing (SMTP) connection to servers requiring STARTTLS fixed (it caused issues with smtp.live.com and some other servers)
  • Fixed problem with tall popup menu for copy/move list of folders
  • Back to standard popup menu due to bugs and problems with beautified menu
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