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OE Classic 2.51 released (bug fixes)

Jul 20th, 2016

This version contains lots of smaller improvements and bug fixes.

New features
  • Message rules word lists are sorted alphabetically when added, automatically eliminate any duplicates and also allow multi-selection (for faster Remove)
  • Editing of already inserted Message Rules Conditions
  • Message rule Account condition uses default account as a starting selection
  • Message source editor does word wrapping instead of using long lines
  • Message rules windows can be resized
  • Email validator level can be adjusted in the new Advanced options
  • Folder delete is no longer permanent operation and can be reversed as deleted folder is only moved to Deleted Items folder
  • Nested folders are also deleted after deleting top-level folder
  • Empty Deleted Items option now also permanently removes all subfolders inside Deleted Items folder
  • More icon improvements

Bug fixes
  • Undo/Cut/Copy/Paste/Select All toolbar buttons and Edit menu items were greyed in message editor
  • Removed byte order mark from some messages causing improper display
  • Zero length words in message rules are no longer allowed
  • Message rule list Move Up/Move Down buttons did not select the item which was moved
  • Message rules were not checked for invalid/deleted folders - such rules now show meaningful error and they can be opened to change the folder to an existing one
  • Emails with frame/iframe content opened a new browser window - it is now blocked
  • Account ID was shown instead of the name in the message rules condition list
  • Switching between Edit/Source/Preview tabs in message editor caused message to be shown or sent incorrectly under specific circumstances
  • Multiple clicks on message compose Send button could generate 2 (or more) messages in Outbox
  • Message sending/saving is no longer allowed while the user is still editing source (user must switch back to Edit tab)
  • Visual HTML editing features were not disabled while source editing was active
  • Copy/Select All were not working in Preview tab of message editor
  • Message editor fonts are more consistent when replying to other messages (keeping selected font type/size)
  • After copy-pasting plain text in message editor, line breaks were not preserved as in original text file
  • Reply All no longer includes user's own emails as a recipient in To/Cc list
  • Change of focus to folders in main window after opening message in a new window no longer happens
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