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Outlook.com changes for Windows Live Mail 2012

May 6th, 2016

If you are using Outlook.com as your email service you may have received a notification email with the title Action required for users of Windows Live Mail 2012 which, among other things, states that:

"Windows Live Mail 2012 does not support the synchronization technologies used by the new Outlook.com. When account upgrades begin at the end of June, you will no longer be able to receive email sent to your Outlook.com account in Windows Live Mail 2012. Please take action before June 30th, 2016, which is when we'll begin upgrading accounts that currently use Windows Live Mail 2012."

Behind the scenes (and not mentioned in the email itself), Windows Live Mail 2012 uses DeltaSync protocol, the proprietary Microsoft communications protocol to connect to Outlook.com and this means that some portion of WLM 2012 will stop working after the server upgrade.

However, this does not affect standard communications protocols such as POP3, IMAP and SMTP and therefore, this change does not affect OE Classic at all.

OE Classic will continue to work with Outlook.com because it uses standardized protocols which are not affected by this change to Outlook.com. So you don't have to worry about any of this, you will be able to continue receiving and sending emails in OE Classic just like you used to do so far. Also, this change does not affect any other email service such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, GMX or any other.

Of course in case of any change which will make it incompatible, we will modify OE Classic accordingly as we keep track of all such changes (including security protocols and vulnerabilities). But for the moment, the changes in OE Classic communication protocols are not needed and they will continue to work beyond the above mentioned date.

And just as a short update - the work on Message Rules is getting in the final stage and it will be one of the best and most flexible mail filtering systems available we have seen in any software so far (and light years ahead of the original Outlook Express extremely limited Message Rules system). Regardless of the power it will offer, it will have very easy to use user interface so it will be understandable to many users. More on all this very soon!
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