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OE Classic 2.42 released (speedups, bug fixes)

Apr 18th, 2016

It is always a good thing when bugs are fixed but it is exceptionally good when obscure bugs are found. Version 2.42 fixes one such bug and also improves program speed, therefore, upgrade is highly recommended! Full list of changes follows:

New features
  • Navigating to URL preview window is removed (URL is shown in status bar when mouse pointer is over the link)
  • When replying or forwarding, From drop-down is now set to the same account which originally received the message
  • Huge speed increase in URL detection in plain-text messages (over 10000% faster in some cases)
  • Easier upgrade on a system where current user is not of administrator type
  • Copy/Move window now remembers last used folder and window size
  • Added popup menu for To/Cc/Bcc boxes in message editor
  • Added Sort Ascending/Sort Descending to the message/contact list header popup menu
  • Improved detection of external links (frames/iframes)
  • Added sorting of Find/Search results
  • Secondary sorting by Received column when sorted by any other column
  • Program icon improved so it is no longer stretched for some icon sizes
  • Added timestamp at the beginning of POP3 and SMTP connection log
Bug fixes
  • Some test messages previously failed to open due to slow URL detection method
  • After opening some messages, program could not be closed (and CPU was under full load)
  • When re-opening a draft, From drop-down did not keep the account originally used and reverted back to default
  • When shutting down the system with the program opened, the settings weren't saved
  • Arrows up-down not working for scrolling message in Windows 10 is fixed with the latest Windows 10 updates (it was not an issue with OE Classic but with Internet Explorer)
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