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OE Classic 2.4 released (address book export)

Mar 18th, 2016

This version utilizes new file format which is different from version 2.32 and earlier - the new format makes room for new features (e.g. better sorting and searching, and soon, message rules and a few other unimplemented features). We try to keep the file format updates as rare as possible. The automatic upgrade program has been tested a lot and should be working well. Therefore, the users of version 2.32 should be able to easily upgrade to this version.

As for the users which are using version older than 2.32 - the program no longer supports upgrade from older versions. This has been done to make the update code simpler. However, you can still upgrade from version 2.31 and earlier using the OE Classic 2.32 database upgrade program.

After you upgrade from earlier version into the 2.32 format, you can then install and upgrade to the latest version. Future versions will only support one or two versions back and for those who don't upgrade for too long - they will have to upgrade using these intermediate upgrade programs which will be published occasionally - so it is much easier if you upgrade right away when an update is available. Note that users will have more than enough time to upgrade - version 2.32 has been available for almost a whole year.

Store folder backups made for older versions will be incompatible with this version so please make a new backup as soon as you upgrade the program to the current version.

New features
  • Added export of address book into CSV format, also supports exporting each address book folder as a separate CSV file
  • Added default email selection in address book - determines which email is used (personal, work or other)
  • Compact All is much faster as it evaluates if folder needs compacting or if it can be skipped
  • Signature support for multi-format emails (plain text and HTML), signatures from file and separators
  • Updated application manifest for improved Windows 10 compatibility
  • Reply and Forward message templates, fully user-customizable, with a few predefined templates to choose from
  • Icon set has been improved (especially the small icons which are now much sharper)
  • Clicking To/Cc/Bcc buttons in the message editor also sets the appropriate To/Cc/Bcc recipient box as default in the contact selection window (for example for double-clicking contacts)
  • Trimming spaces from address book email fields to make error reports less frequent
  • Rename Folder added to right click menu in the address book
  • Signature editor has been redesigned and includes new Move Up/Down and Sort buttons (sorting takes separators into account)
  • Accounts and signatures are now saved in SQLite database to make saving more secure and less frequent
  • New fields added to folder index database which will be utilized in future updates (search by email, message threading, better sorting)
  • When Subject is sorting column, message sorting and search by typing strips "Re:" prefixes to sort appropriately or to jump to appropriate message
  • Search now also searches for email addresses and domains (From and To search fields)
  • Generating of Message-Id, In-Reply-To and References headers has been improved for replies and drafts
Bug fixes
  • Message decoder tweaks to improve filename handling
  • Windows 10 was detected as Windows 8.1
  • Delete confirmation dialog for deleting from 'Deleted Items' deleted messages if user clicked "X" (to close the window)
  • Next opened message was not marked as read when currently opened message was deleted in viewer window
  • Multipart/mixed messages have not been correctly decoded
  • TLS version for newsgroup accounts was not saved
  • Signatures, folders and accounts now use unique ID which will avoid reusing of the same ID and associated issues
  • Signature with a single hyphen as name was interpreted as separator
  • Cc and Attachments panels in the message viewer could change order when using Previous/Next buttons
  • Decoding of Japanese (ISO-2022-JP) headers such as Subject/From is fixed
  • To/Cc/Bcc field editor had issue with left key handling in a list with one item
  • Better compatibility of visual controls with high DPI settings in Windows
  • When selecting shortcuts (.LNK files) a file being pointed to is used instead - many servers reject .LNK files as a security risk
  • Updated SSL/TLS libraries with the latest bug/security fixes (v1.0.2g)
  • Updated built-in SQLite with the latest bug fixes (v3.11.1.0)
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