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OE Classic 2.32 released (bug fixes)

Jul 5th, 2015

New features
  • Additional editor message validation against missing file attachments, file attachments of zero size and too large attachments
  • Error report when sending a message if the message size is larger than the maximum size allowed by the server
  • Message decoder has been optimized to use fewer temporary disk files and more processing in memory, resulting in faster display of a message or message source
  • Stationery and program data have been moved to a single folder for easier maintenance
Bug fixes
  • Caret was invisible when renaming folders
  • "Control has no parent window" error when clicking on To/Cc/Bcc buttons in the message editor
  • External exception EEFFACE when importing some DBX files using Outlook Express 6 importer
  • Message decoder tweaks to improve compatibility with other email programs
  • Filenames which used Unicode characters have not been shown properly on the bottom of the message
  • Computer name was not filtered for diacritical marks causing certain issues when connecting to outgoing server or generating message
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