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OE Classic 2.3 released (address book folders/groups)

Apr 6th, 2015

OE Classic 2.3 is here!

New features
  • Group contacts in address book (also supports nested groups inside a group, with automatic duplicate filtering)
  • Address book folders and shared folders/contacts
  • Added folder selection in the Edit Contact window
  • Added status bar in address book with contact count
  • To/Cc/Bcc buttons in message editor no longer open Address Book for selecting contacts but instead open a specialized contact selection window (can be resized)
  • Flag/Watch added into the Message menu of the main window (works for multiselected messages too)
  • Create new folder opens a window for naming the folder before creating it
  • Added Properties to local folders popup menu (right click menu)
  • New Properties dialog for local folders which includes more information about a folder
  • Added list of signatures as sub-menu of the Insert - Signature menu in the message editor
  • Added New Folder button to Copy/Move window (target folder selection for message Copy/Move)
  • Added "Local Folders" to the folder select dialog so that it can be selected as a root for New Folder or Multiple .EML export operations
  • Added Expert tab to newsgroup account properties due to some servers misbehaving and to make the program more adjustable to such servers
  • Editor window "From" dropdown can now also show "From" name and "From" email address in addition to the account name (display format can be customized in Options using custom text and tags #displayname#, #email#, #accountname# and #default# as placeholders)
  • Added Debug menu tool for repairing and rebuilding DB index files from MBX data files (normally, this is not needed, but it helps in case of corrupted DB file caused by disk failure or by some other program)
Bug fixes
  • Another "list index out of bounds" fixed in the message editor To/Cc/Bcc fields
  • Update Now button in the update dialog shows UAC/elevation required indicator (shield icon)
  • Sorting of address book items was inconsistent for different windows
  • Rare issue with Received date decoding and improved Received date extraction logic
  • Inconsistent dates and issues when switching between standard/daylight saving time
  • Better tab order for Advanced settings in News account Properties
  • SSL/TLS libraries have been updated for the latest bug/security fixes, including the fix for the FREAK flaw (March 2015) (v1.0.2a)
  • Updated built-in SQLite for the latest bug fixes (v3.8.8.3)
  • Adding recipients in To/Cc/Bcc which spans across multiple rows no longer makes items in the second row non-editable
  • Hotkey for Close menu item changed to C instead of L (ALT + f, c)

What will follow next?

As planned, the most important feature version 2.4 should bring are incoming message rules (for example to sort messages automatically into certain folders, as they arrive). Of course, this will not be the only improvement and as before it will all be announced on this page.
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