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OE Classic 1.64 released (Compact, Reply flags)

Sep 30th, 2013

This version brings you option for compacting folders. In Outlook Express compact folder was source of many folder corruptions, so we took extra measures to make sure this doesn't happen in OE Classic. To ensure this, compacting has a built in integrity check. So, before the compacting even begins, folder is scanned and checked for possible errors. If there are some errors compact function can detect, it won't start and will report the error to keep your data safe.

As usual, this is not the only new feature - so take a look at the feature list.

Compact can reclaim lost space due to message deletion. It also displays how much space has been lost.
Compact can reclaim lost space due to message deletion. It also displays how much space has been lost.

New features
  • Compact All option - permanently removes all deleted messages from all folders, also features built in integrity check
  • Reply/Forward status displayed in message list icons when message is replied/forwarded
  • Updated OE6 import to support reply/forward flags
  • Improved MIME type detection when creating outgoing message
  • Sending message creates message in memory and no longer uses temporary file
  • Added blocked content bar to separate message viewer window
  • Preview pane header changes color when message is selected or unselected within preview pane
  • Delete key deletes message when preview pane is focused
  • Delete command (Edit/Delete, toolbar delete button, CTRL + D) is unified to either delete messages, folders, contacts or unsubscribe from newsgroup based on currently active control
  • Printing email shows message details - From, To, Cc, Sent and Subject (does not print your name on the top like in Outlook Express where it couldn't be removed)
  • Sending message with empty subject and body is now allowed (displays warning but allows you to send it)
Bug fixes
  • Reply/Forward disabled for Outbox messages
  • "Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window" error when deleting messages
  • Right mouse click popup over message list, folder list and contact list only focuses if clicked over selected items but selects if clicked over unselected items
  • Fixed error when trying to create/reply/forward a message without any accounts added
  • Restart on identity switch improved to avoid 2 copies of program running simultaneously
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