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OE Classic 1.62 released (GUI improvements)

Jul 13th, 2013

New features
  • New popup menu for the editor and viewer attachments (Open, Print, Save As, Save All), also utilizes double click and keyboard Backspace/Delete/Enter keys
  • Opening/executing/printing a file or URL shows detailed error if there is one (e.g. file type not associated with any program, no default web browser etc.), instead of giving up without notice
  • Mouse wheel now scrolls control under the pointer without the need to click on that control first
  • Save attachments window is now reusable so it can be used for Save Attachments from preview pane or Save All from message viewer
  • Save attachments remembers last used folder (for each identity)
Bug fixes
  • Keyboard tab switching didn't select first item in the list of attachments for edit and viewer window
  • Displayed message is no longer reloaded for some operations like Save As or Add Sender to Address Book, instead it uses a persistent copy in the memory (which makes these operations faster)
  • Save attachments window closes when Esc key is pressed
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