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Preparing first version for release

Mar 25th, 2011

First version of OE Classic is ready for release and we are already testing it. Here is a short list of built-in features for now:
  • wizard for adding email accounts
  • editing properties of email accounts, removing, setting default
  • send and receive for POP3 and SMTP accounts (including secure servers like Gmail) with logging
  • secure email display (blocks all insecure ActiveX, JavaScript, external pictures etc.) in the main window (plain text and HTML)
  • display in viewer invoked when message is double-clicked
  • view and save attachments
  • message compose and reply editor with compressed quoting
  • moving messages from folder to folder, deleting messages
  • importing emails from Outlook Express 6
We also started some preliminary code for adding basic Usenet newsgroups support. More news and download are coming in a few short days!
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