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First beta of OE Classic 1.6 with Identities support

Jun 5th, 2013

First beta of new OE Classic 1.6 (Pro version) has been released for paid customers only. It has a lot of goodies inside but the most significant of all is the new support for identities making OE Classic the only program (at least that we know of) which supports such a feature, except of course Outlook Express which also had identities. A lot of Outlook Express users were unhappy when Windows Mail and later Windows Live Mail removed support for identities. Now you can use identities once again.

If you are not familiar with identities, it is in fact another name for user profiles or users and can be used in a single and multi-user environment. While multi-user is obvious, if used by a single user, it can help you separate your entire folder/message/address book/settings data in each user profile or identity. For example, you may have one identity for your home email and another one for your work email. All data you can create with the program is fully separated in each identity. Identities can optionally be password protected and are much easier to select, edit and use than they used to be in Outlook Express.

A lot of other things from version 1.51 has been improved and feature list is huge but more details will be released once we reach stable version and that should be quite soon.
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