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OE Classic 1.5 released (Add to Address Book)

Mar 27th, 2013

This version is extended with a couple of new features - Add Sender To Address Book option, Mark as Read/Unread and some bug fixes. When adding sender to address book, OE Classic automatically detects and extracts first name, middle name, last name, nick name and also detects titles (e.g. Dr., Mr., Miss) and suffixes (e.g. Jr., Sr., II, III). Also, as certain users prefer to keep their latest emails on top of the message list they can now do so as sorting top-down now keeps scroll bar on top. Here is the rest of the list:

New features
  • Added Mark as Read and Mark as Unread
  • Message list is much faster due to code optimization - e.g. Select All can be up to 400% faster, scrolling is smoother etc.
  • Add sender to address book added
  • Auto-detection of title, suffix and first/middle/last/nick name
Bug fixes
  • Newsgroups message list is decoded after downloading (affects Subject and From fields)
  • Scroll bar is positioned on top for descending sort (arrow down) in header column
  • Vertical splitters can no longer be resized to completely hide message/folder/contact list
  • Cc list is shown in preview pane (when available)
  • Contact list displays Unnamed Contact if name hasn't been entered
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