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OE Classic 1.21 released

Feb 21st, 2012

When using encrypted connection to outgoing (SMTP) server, some servers require to start encrypted connection right from the start and some others start connection in unencrypted mode and then require STARTTLS command to mark the beginning of encrypted communication.

Older versions of OE Classic didn't support STARTTLS command properly and could only do the first type of encrypted connection. This release fixes that issue.

This is done in following manner:
  • If the checkbox Server requires secure connection (SSL/TLS) in account properties is checked OE Classic will connect using the first method (whole communication when you send emails is encrypted)
  • If this box is unchecked it will connect in unencrypted mode, then try to detect if the server supports any methods of encryption and if it does - it will use the most secure available method (STARTTLS first - whole communication is encrypted, if that fails, it tries hashed passwords - it only encrypts username and password but the rest of emails are unencrypted which is still better than no encryption at all, and finally if both of these fail, it uses least secure - unencrypted mode).

So - however you check this checkbox, OE Classic will use most secure mode offered by server you connect to, this checkbox only determines which of the two methods will be used. Note that some servers use 2 ports for connecting and only on one of these ports you can use encrypted communication. Example of this is smtp.live.com - if you connect to port 25 it will only hash passwords (second best method), and on port 587 it will support STARTTLS - obviously, using port 587 is more secure.

Future versions of OE Classic will be able to automatically auto-configure most popular servers with most secure settings.

Here are changes in this version:

New features
  • Tries to use the most secure connection available for outgoing servers
  • Pro version now has "Pro" in program title bar and in about box
  • Some speedups in link detection in plain text messages and view source
Bug fixes
  • Outgoing (SMTP) connection to servers requiring STARTTLS fixed (it caused issues with smtp.live.com and some other servers)
  • Fixed problem with tall popup menu for copy/move list of folders
  • Back to standard popup menu due to bugs and problems with beautified menu
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