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Usenet newsreader is coming!

Dec 8th, 2011

Great news! After some initial testing, it appears that there are no significant obstacles to add Usenet newsreader (newsgroups reader) functionality into OE Classic.

So, except adding email accounts, you will also be able to add your newsgroups server and newsgroups account.

What we can tell for sure at the moment is that the newsreader will support all newsgroup posting formats/encodings including MIME (which is least common on Usenet, even though widely used for email), UU encoded messages (more common on newsgroups although quite obsolete as encoding) and yEnc encoded posts (most common for binaries groups and posts).

OE Classic won't need any external decoders like Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail or Mozilla Thunderbird did (they all need our other product - yEnc decoder - yDecode to function properly and to display all messages they couldn't on their own).

At first, the newsreader won't support merging of multipart posts but it will be able to read multipart messages individually. In the following versions you will be able to automatically join multipart posts (messages marked as (01/15), (02/15), (03/15) and similar in the subject line) just as yDecode already does but again, without any external decoder.

We must also say - newsreader will be very easy to use - as easy as it used to be in Outlook Express. It will NOT be messed up as in Windows Live Mail - image attachments will be displayed inline (as they should be) and not as thumbnails and will not require additional mouse clicks to show them in full size (in unnecessary viewer program). If you used Windows Live Mail to read Usenet posts you know what we are talking about.

This and other regular bug-fixes are scheduled to be released in the next version. After that, we plan to do more improvements to the address-book and then some bug-fixes and speedups but more on that later.

We are also preparing some other improvements regarding web site functionality. Stay tuned!
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