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OE Classic 1.10 released

Nov 9th, 2011

This version is large OE Classic improvement - therefore larger version increase than usual. It also took more time to develop.

You are advised to upgrade to this version as soon as possible due to disk database changes (which stores all emails and other settings).

IMPORTANT: To correctly upgrade database you must close OE Classic (if it is running) before starting installation! Installation now auto-detects running program and warns you, but this only works for current (and future) versions. If however, you are doing new installation then you may ignore this info.

There are database changes but you don't have to worry about them much as OE Classic provides built-in automatic database upgrade tool compatible with a couple of older versions. This version is still backward compatible with earliest release (1.0a1) but not for much longer (therefore upgrade!).

Please read earlier news item to familiarize yourself with the latest changes in more detail.

Here is a brief list of improvements in this upgrade. Full list would be much longer.

New features
  • No longer a beta
  • Core functions that operate on disk database(*) responsible for reading, writing, copying, moving and deleting messages, folders and identities are now much faster and much more reliable
  • Disk operations are secured by transactions - even if program or system crashes in the middle of write operation, database integrity is preserved
  • Internal folder compact and fragmentation calculation support
  • Internal identity support
  • New and more stable format of database (messages, settings, address book)
  • Refined and informative error messages in case of disk operation errors
  • Implemented single application instance
  • Copy messages support in GUI
  • Folder bar is now functional
  • Account passwords are now saved in encrypted form
  • Simplified installer with automatic upgrade of database
  • Due to incompatibility with new identities feature older database formats will be dropped in near future

Bug fixes
  • Fixed window centering in dual monitor setup

(*) "Disk database" means - a set of files on your disk that store all emails, accounts and other settings.

Download basic version on download page. Pro version users can download update on registered user page.
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