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OE Classic Pro users can already download new and improved version 2.9.
Updated on Sep 4th, 2018 - Order now to get v2.9!

If you don't have access to Pro yet, here is what you're missing out:


OE Classic 2.9 (the latest Pro version)

Sep 4th, 2018
New features
  • [2018-05-08] Improved display of some windows when using high-contrast color schemes or themes
  • [2018-05-19] Customization of Contact list, Folder list and Message list fonts in Options
  • [2018-06-09] Safe and Blocked senders filter, full editor window and right click option for quickly adding to the list
  • [2018-06-09] Preview pane header redesigned to show more info which can be interacted with (right click) - Add to Address Book, Copy (subject or email), Add to Safe Senders/Blocked Senders
  • [2018-06-13] External images are unblocked when a sender is in the Safe Senders list
  • [2018-06-15] Installation now tests if it can overwrite required files (when upgrading) and if unsuccessful (e.g. blocked by antivirus) it keeps the old installation in place and reports an error to avoid ending with a partial installation
  • [2018-06-15] Improved focus in Find/Search window - message list is focused after search has completed, messages can be opened using Enter key
  • [2018-06-23] Folder related operations are 30% faster (may be noticeable to users having thousands of folders)
  • [2018-06-24] Improvements in right click menu for folders and fixing some inconsistencies
  • [2018-06-28] Auto-detection of email settings attempts to use TLS 1.2 (if server supports it)
  • [2018-08-10] 7 new localization files - Simplified Chinese (China), Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong, Taiwan), Danish, Czech, Greek, Hungarian
  • [2018-09-01] Spell checker in the Message Editor
Bug fixes
  • [2018-04-26] Message Editor did not show up correctly when maximized
  • [2018-05-03] Plain text messages did not have Content-Transfer-Encoding header specified
  • [2018-05-20] Forwarding a message did not respect the Reply to messages in same format option
  • [2018-05-21] Fixed some High-DPI issues
  • [2018-05-22] Focus is no longer lost after selecting font color in the Message Editor
  • [2018-06-24] Reset List button (Newsgroups) did not work
If you want to access the above features in v2.9 order OE Classic Pro now!

OE Classic web site launch

Nov 10th, 2010

Web site launch.

More news and a preview version coming up soon!
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