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OE Classic 2.9 (the latest Pro version)

Mar 18th, 2019
New features
  • Safe and Blocked senders filter, editor window and right click option for quickly adding to the list
  • Spell checker in the Message Editor and spell checker Options (Always check spelling before sending, Ignore words in UPPERCASE, Ignore words with numbers)
  • Spell checker dictionary download in Options (41 supported languages or language variations)
  • 9 new localization files - Simplified Chinese (China), Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong, Taiwan), Czech, Danish, Greek, Hungarian, Norwegian, Slovenian
  • 8 new Message Editor tools - Clear Formatting, Strikethrough, Superscript, Subscript, Insert Table, Insert Symbol, Insert Emoji, Right-To-Left/Left-To-Right Paragraph
  • 8 new Find window tools - Properties, Select All, Copy to Folder, Move to Folder, Delete, Reply to Sender, Reply to All, Forward
  • Preview pane header redesigned to show more info which can be interacted with (right click) - Add to Address Book, Copy (subject or email), Add to Safe Senders/Blocked Senders
  • External images are unblocked when a sender is in the Safe Senders list
  • Improved focus in Find/Search window - message list is focused after search has completed, messages can be opened using Enter key
  • Address Book group items now have the fitting icon
  • Various icon modifications for increased visual clarity
  • Improved accessibility for Address Book Select window, also the search field is initially focused so typing immediately after opening the window starts the address book search
  • View/Encoding menu item for selecting Left-To-Right or Right-To-Left text direction for received messages
  • New Text Highlighting Color button in the Message Editor and an additional drop-down next to the color selection buttons (clicking the button applies the color to selected text and clicking drop-down selects a new color)
  • Print Preview added in File menu
  • Folder related operations are 30% faster (may be noticeable to users having thousands of folders)
  • Improvements in right click menu for folders and fixing some inconsistencies
  • Auto-detection of email settings attempts to use TLS 1.2 (if server supports it)
  • Installation now tests if it can overwrite required files (when upgrading) and if unsuccessful (e.g. blocked by antivirus) it keeps the old installation in place and reports an error to avoid ending with a partial installation
  • Improved display of some windows when using high-contrast color schemes or themes
  • Customization of Contact list, Folder list and Message list fonts in Options
  • Find window - New keyboard shortcuts (Delete/Enter on messages, CTRL shortcuts), main menu items, progress in percentage while searching
  • Customization of Message Editor formatting toolbar and large icons for high-DPI screens
  • Clipboard images can be directly pasted into the Message Editor (using Paste button)
  • Improved auto-selection of account which is used to reply - only if unambiguous (no 2 or more accounts with the same From email)
  • Quick selection and display of used spell checker language and message format (Plain Text or HTML) in the Message Editor status bar
  • Export of EML files now sets file dates based on the Received date and allows a total of 200 characters in the full path
  • Clicking column header now also focuses the message/contact list underneath
  • Security options (Advanced) to enable/disable scripting (JavaScript/VBScript) and ActiveX for incoming messages
  • Added Copy to the right click menu when editing the group (copies names and emails to clipboard)
  • Account Properties - Auto Config button for easier configuration, Authentication type is now under Expert tab, added Authentication type for Outgoing server (SMTP)
  • Drag and drop of EML files from Windows shell to OE Classic folder - imports EML files into the folder
Bug fixes
  • Message Editor did not show up correctly when maximized
  • Plain text messages did not have Content-Transfer-Encoding header specified
  • Forwarding a message did not respect the Reply to messages in same format option
  • Fixed some High-DPI issues
  • Focus is no longer lost after selecting font color in the Message Editor
  • Reset List button (Newsgroups) did not work
  • Disabled redirection to avoid the issue of some messages not being displayed
  • Print no longer duplicates printing headers (if started multiple times)
  • Updated visual components to fix some visual glitches and a few other high-DPI fixes
  • Improved mouse wheel handling to make it scroll in the Source Editor, Signatures Editor (Options) and some other controls
  • Disabled Java and ActiveX (by default) to avoid serious security vulnerabilities associated with them
  • Updated SSL/TLS libraries with the latest bug/security fixes (v1.0.2q)
  • Updated built-in SQLite with the latest bug fixes (v3.27.2.0)
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