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OE Classic 3.1 (the latest Pro version)

Jun 10th, 2020
New features
  • [2019-12-09] 2-layered header decoder (decodes HTML entities after decoding a header line)
  • [2019-12-10] Compact All - Changes page size to 4K for older databases which may still use 1K (it makes database operations faster)
  • [2019-12-12] RE: and FW: prefixes are now also recognized and stripped for non-English languages (e.g. REF: TR: AW: WG: RIF: I: RES: ENC: etc.)
  • [2020-01-26] Automatically inserts locked IMAP folder when a folder is missing from the server
  • [2020-02-04] Modern folder selection dialog which also shows shared network locations/drives (Windows 7/8/10 only)
  • [2020-02-09] Improved accessibility for all message dialogs and no sound for Information dialogs (Windows 7/8/10 only)
  • [2020-02-09] Default button changed to "Yes" in "Empty Deleted Items folder" (right click)
  • [2020-02-13] Popup menu for message editor (source) improved and localized
  • [2020-02-15] Redo action and toolbar button available in the Message Editor
  • [2020-02-15] Message Editor toolbar Undo/Redo/Cut/Copy/Paste/SelectAll are now enabled only if available (and not all the time)
  • [2020-02-17] Improved accessibility for the message list, folder list and contact list
  • [2020-02-17] Localized names for default IMAP folders (Inbox/Sent/Deleted/Drafts/Junk)
  • [2020-03-13] Improved accessibility and localization for Send/Receive window
  • [2020-03-16] Revised accelerator keys for Mark as read/unread
  • [2020-03-16] Reset folder can also automatically repair folder corruption
  • [2020-03-17] Added "Save As" and "Save as Stationery" in the Message Editor (File menu)
  • [2020-03-25] Inserted Emoji pictures now have accessible name (image alt tag)
  • [2020-03-25] IMAP improvements for less capable servers which don't designate special folders (2 improvements)
  • [2020-04-16] IncrediMail import
  • [2020-04-19] Improved accessibility and localization for the Save Attachments window
  • [2020-04-24] Rewritten portions of IMAP code to improve reliability when reconnecting and selecting mailboxes
  • [2020-04-29] IMAP delete/move support for less capable servers
  • [2020-05-02] Auto detection of IMAP server capabilities (MOVE extension)
  • [2020-05-02] Improved error logging in the Send/Receive window
  • [2020-05-08] Accessibility improvement for message list - Unread/Flagged/Replied/Forwarded/Draft status are read
  • [2020-05-08] Improved IMAP folder handling and increased compatibility with various servers which have misbehaved (2 fixes)
  • [2020-05-23] Accessibility improvement for Main window and Message Viewer (excessive reading of panel names)
  • [2020-05-25] Auto rearrange of attachment icons to fit available space, if Message Viewer or Message Editor are resized
  • [2020-06-04] Improved UIDL handling (POP accounts) - resume from last aborted message, leave a copy on server for a user-defined time period
  • [2020-06-05] Added possibility to stop the process when deleting POP messages
  • [2020-06-05] When adding a new POP account, new defaults are to leave a copy of messages on server and to remove them after 14 days
  • [2020-06-10] CTRL+V (Paste) in the Message Editor now also works for pictures on the clipboard
Bug fixes
  • [2019-12-07] Fixed header decoding in a few rare cases
  • [2019-12-16] Fixed antialiasing issues in the Message Editor toolbar
  • [2020-01-22] Updated SSL/TLS libraries with the latest bug/security fixes (v1.0.2u)
  • [2020-02-12] Replaced misbehaving SQLite julianday() with improved calculation
  • [2020-02-26] Pressing Esc in the Message Editor To/Cc/Bcc fields could make the program unresponsive
  • [2020-03-13] Installation size was missing from Apps & Features
  • [2020-03-26] Spell checker Cancel button wasn't working when using the option "Always check spelling before sending"
  • [2020-04-04] Message source wasn't shown properly if the message consisted only of headers
  • [2020-05-02] Outgoing message details were shown in the wrong row in the Send/Receive window
  • [2020-05-02] Tasks were accumulating in the Send/Receive window without being cleaned up (will result as a speedup and less memory usage)
  • [2020-05-25] Spell checker was selecting some words incorrectly triggering a false spelling correction
  • [2020-06-06] IMAP fixes for unrecognized message lists (6 fixes)
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