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OE Classic 3.0 (the latest Pro version)

May 14th, 2019
New features
  • [2019-03-25] SMTP port 587 is now the default port in the Account Wizard/Account Properties (instead of 25)
  • [2019-04-17] New localization file - Russian
  • [2019-04-17] Improved localization file - Portuguese (Brazil)
  • [2019-05-05] Accounts window can be resized (size is saved)
  • [2019-05-08] Color icons for the folder list right click menu
  • [2019-05-14] Improved accessibility - View/Sort-By in the main menu(s) and Help/Contact window
Bug fixes
  • [2019-05-07] HTML zoom value (Options/Read) did not reflect the saved value
  • [2019-05-13] Fixed a number of character encoding issues related to loading HTML (displaying a blank message, switching Message Editor Edit/Source/Preview tabs)
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