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OE Classic 3.0 (the latest Pro version)

Oct 28th, 2019
New features
  • [2019-03-25] SMTP port 587 is now the default port in the Account Wizard/Account Properties (instead of 25)
  • [2019-05-05] Accounts window can be resized (size is saved)
  • [2019-05-08] Color icons for the folder list right click menu
  • [2019-05-24] Improved and faster logging
  • [2019-06-22] Huge speed increase (2000%) of the downloaded header list (used in IMAP and message decoder)
  • [2019-07-01] Improved accessibility - View/Sort-By in the main menu(s), Help/Contact window, Message/Folder Properties window
  • [2019-07-01] Additional options in the Folder Properties window - Local File and Synchronize (for IMAP folders)
  • [2019-07-08] More accurate Outlook Express 6 import
  • [2019-07-16] Compact All now also compacts all DB files (Folders, AddressBook, Identity, Newsgroups)
  • [2019-08-06] Improved localization files - Greek, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil)
  • [2019-08-07] New localization files - Russian, Serbian (Latin)
  • [2019-08-29] Internal HTTPS to secure all program-to-website communication (even on older Windows)
  • [2019-09-07] Junk Email - a new local folder used by Blocked Senders list (instead of Deleted Items) and for future purposes
  • [2019-09-22] Popup menu item - Empty "Junk Email" Folder
  • [2019-10-09] Username/Password used for updates are now called Name/License key (or License info)
  • [2019-10-25] IMAP support (public alpha 18 release)
  • [2019-10-26] Condensed POP logging to improve download speed
  • [2019-10-28] Rewritten parts of the POP retrieval code to improve download speed
  • [2019-10-28] Progress bar precision improved for POP operations
Bug fixes
  • [2019-05-07] HTML zoom value (Options/Read) did not reflect the saved value
  • [2019-05-13] Fixed a number of character encoding issues related to loading HTML (displaying a blank message, switching Message Editor Edit/Source/Preview tabs)
  • [2019-06-25] Selecting another folder no longer aborts download (or sending) of emails
  • [2019-07-06] Outlook Express 6 import used an old folder name is the folder was renamed so the imported folder structure had different names than expected
  • [2019-08-27] Identity Manager was always using English regardless of the selected program language
  • [2019-09-06] Search tool wasn't case-insensitive for international characters
  • [2019-10-14] Updated SSL/TLS libraries with the latest bug/security fixes (v1.0.2t)
  • [2019-10-23] Message download was started twice for IMAP/NNTP when navigating to a new message using the Message Viewer window
  • [2019-10-24] From/Reply-To/To/Cc/Bcc/Subject headers were encoded using KOI8-R instead of UTF-8 for some system settings
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