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You will be redirected to secure (encrypted) order page to ensure your privacy and safety. Your order is 100% money-back guaranteed and safe process. Immediately following the order, you'll receive an email with username and password which you use to instantly access full version and all the benefits listed below.

Please allow up to 30 minutes for our email (titled "OE Classic Pro v2.6 Order") to automatically arrive and make sure you check 'spam' or 'junk' folder in case if it accidentally lands there. If it takes more than that, please contact us so we can help you. If needed, provide us with an additional email address (we'll reply to all addresses you give us).


Proceed to OE Classic Pro Secure Order Page
Proceed to OE Classic Pro Secure Order Page


10 Reasons Why You Want To Purchase OE Classic Pro

Check mark iconYou get instant access to full version download with all features unlocked
Check mark iconYou get free new version updates for at least 1000 days and you can use any downloaded version forever
Check mark iconYou can download latest beta version when available (always one version ahead of free version) - use new features the same day as we implement them
Check mark iconYou are never chained to our software as your data is stored only using open formats (widely deployed SQLite format for message list, regular plain text for email data, ini for settings) and it can easily be imported/exported to a number of other formats. Data is also easily portable!
Check mark iconYou can request new program features - need a feature your older email/newsreader program never had? We welcome your requests and suggestions!
Check mark iconYou can easily vote for new features suggested by you and others and if you do vote - you automatically get notified when we implement these features
Check mark iconYou get first class support - any day of the week over several media (email and for more serious problems chat and even remote desktop support via TeamViewer). Help comes directly from developers so you get first class information and you are never on your own!
Check mark iconYou also get support for any email/newsgroup related questions (whatever problem you may have with both of them)
Check mark iconYou get 100% money back guarantee for 60 days
Check mark iconAnd finally - you get peace of mind for supporting passionate developers who bring you non-bloated software that simply works and you'll love to use

OE Classic ultimate goal is to be easy to use, fast and small email/newsgroups program with a lot of power features but still easy for beginners. You can count on fact that your data will always belong to you as it is stored in open formats, and that there won't be any limitations on storage size.


Proceed to OE Classic Pro Secure Order Page
Proceed to OE Classic Pro Secure Order Page


Free and Pro version comparison

OE Classic (free version) OE Classic Pro (paid version)
No identities support
(preview available)
2 accounts Unlimited
1 message rule/filter Unlimited
Small text ad added to outgoing messages
Ad in message print
No ads
Draft message editing:
Any folder, except Outbox folder
Any folder
Address book:
2 folders and 2 contact groups
More limitations in future versions Always unlimited, all features unlocked
Limited support:
  1. pre-sales questions
  2. bug reports
  3. email only support
With free version, you're on your own but you are welcome to report bugs.
Quick and full support:
  1. Quick email support with working solutions for most problems
  2. Remote desktop (screen sharing) support, for more difficult problems, via TeamViewer (free as long as the problem is caused, related or applies to OE Classic)
You can ask for new features and you can vote for features others asked for which you also like. If you vote, you get notified when features are implemented.
You support our work by advertising our program to others. Although this doesn't pay for programmer's and designer's rates, third party components used in the program, hosting, advertising etc. it does help us get to more paid customers. You support our work by purchasing it and also motivate us to develop better, faster and more feature-rich versions.
Free $24.95 (one-time)


Proceed to OE Classic Pro Secure Order Page
Proceed to OE Classic Pro Secure Order Page