When OE Classic starts you will be presented with a welcome message in your Inbox.

Before you can download emails, you need to create your accounts.

Creating Google or Microsoft (OAUTH2) account(s)

The steps to create Google or Microsoft accounts (which use OAUTH2) are explained in the video tutorials.

The videos are narrated in English language. Even though they can be followed visually, if you don't speak or understand English, the videos have subtitles option (CC). Please click that button when the video plays and choose the language you speak and the English subtitles will be automatically translated to your preferred language.

Description Video tutorial
How to create Google account
(applies to Gmail, GoogleMail, Google Workspace, Telus...)

Creating Google account (video)

How to create Microsoft account
(applies to Outlook, Hotmail, Live, MSN...)

Creating Microsoft account (video)

Note that you can also follow us on YouTube for more video tutorials.

Creating standard email account(s)

  1. Open main menu and select Tools » Accounts. This will open Accounts window. Click Add button to start the wizard for creating your email account.
  2. Select E-Mail Account icon and click Next button.
  3. Select account type you want to create (IMAP or POP). To learn the difference see: POP3 vs IMAP what's the difference and which one is better.
  4. After choosing the correct account type fill out the details including your name, email address and password for your email. Ensure you are connected to the Internet and click Next.
  5. If you are connected to the Internet, OE Classic will now automatically configure your server settings. The detection is based on your email address and works for many email providers. If your email address for example ends with @gmail.com it will automatically detect correct server names and fill out required edit boxes such as Incoming server name and Outgoing server name. The same will work for many other email addresses so Gmail is just an example here.
  6. However, if after clicking Next button the program didn't manage to configure your settings automatically you will have to do it manually. Your email provider (or Internet provider) can help you with server settings. You need to ask for IMAP/POP3 and SMTP server names and settings and type them into appropriate boxes in OE Classic.
  7. When done, click Next again and you will complete the wizard. Click Finish and you are done with configuration of your first account so the wizard will then close.

Now, if you need to adjust account settings later you can do so by clicking Properties in the list of all accounts.

Continue adding accounts by repeating the above steps again, until you have all of them in the list.

Finally, when you are done click Close button to close Accounts window. At this point, you've completed the basic configuration of OE Classic.

Getting started

Now you have a couple of options. You can receive messages by clicking Send and Receive button on the top toolbar. This operation will also send messages you have in your Outbox. To create a new message click Create Email.

If you want to reply to a message click Reply or Reply All.

Importing your old emails

You probably want to import your old emails as well. You can do that by starting import wizard.

Further reading

This is just an introductory part of this help. There is much more in other topics - please consult other sections of this help for more useful information.

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