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Popup/Context Menus

Popup (also called context) menus appear when you click your right mouse button. There is only one context menu active at the time and it appears under your mouse arrow. The contents of the menu are dependent on where you actually clicked.

They are also faster way to getting things done. Sometimes, same option can be found in context menu as well as toolbar and main menu.

Context menu may have certain items in bold text. This is a default option - it indicates that if you double click with left mouse button or press Return/Enter key on your keyboard this particular option will be executed. For example, default option for Contacts area is Send Email. If you double-click a contact it will start this option. Also if you select (single click) a contact and press Return/Enter key, it will also start this option.

Some options may be greyed. These are not available at the particular moment and you need to do some other action before they can become active. Sometimes, options are intentionally greyed to prevent you from doing something you cannot do - e.g. you cannot rename or delete "Local Folders", therefore the option is greyed.

Folder popup menu

  • New Folder - Creates a new folder under currently selected folder.
  • Rename - Renames currently selected folder. You can also use F2 key as a shortcut.
  • Delete - Deletes currently selected folder. This option also deletes all messages inside this folder and cannot be reverted so be careful with it. For this reason there is an additional warning before you proceed.
  • Empty 'Deleted Items' Folder - Appears only over Deleted Items folder and permanently deletes all messages from the Deleted Items.
  • Properties - Shows folder properties and file location.

News Account popup menu

  • Delete Account - Go to main menu Tools / Accounts.
  • Set As Default Account - Go to main menu Tools / Accounts.
  • Newsgroups - Opens window with list of all newsgroups available on this server where you can subscribe or unsubscribe from groups. Once subscribed, the group appears under the server name.
  • Reset List - Clears the list of newsgroups stored on your computer and downloads the list from server.
  • Properties - Opens window with properties for the selected account.

Newsgroup popup menu

  • Mark All As Read - Marks all messages in the group as read. Does not delete them.
  • Unsubscribe - Unsubscribes and removes group from news account list. Also deletes downloaded group data from your disk.
  • Reset Group - Deletes downloaded group data from your disk but keeps it in news account list, subscribed that is.

Contacts (and Address Book) popup menu

  • New Contact - Creates new contact in the Address Book.
  • New Group - Creates new group contact in the Address Book.
  • New Folder - Creates new folder in the Address Book.
  • Rename Folder - Renames currently selected Address Book folder.
  • Send E-Mail - Opens message editor with selected contact in To field.
  • Delete - Deletes selected contact from the Address Book.
  • Properties - Edits selected contact or group.

Message List popup menu

  • Open - Opens currently selected message in a separate window.
  • Print - Prints currently selected message.
  • Reply To Sender - Opens a new window with quoted reply to a sender of a selected message.
  • Reply To All - Opens a new window with quoted reply to a sender of a selected message as well as all other receivers of this message in To and Cc fields.
  • Forward - Opens a new window with quoted message, ready for forwarding to a list of receivers.
  • Mark As Read - Marks message as read.
  • Mark As Unread - Marks message as unread.
  • Move To Folder - Moves selected messages from currently active folder to a folder selected from sub-menu. Some folders are reserved for the program and therefore unavailable.
  • Copy To Folder - Copies selected messages from currently active folder to a folder selected from sub-menu. Some folders are reserved for the program and therefore unavailable.
  • Delete - Moves selected messages to Deleted Items folder or deletes them permanently.
  • Add Sender to Address Book - Adds sender (From) name and email address from the currently selected message to the Address Book.
  • Properties - Shows message properties, headers and source. You can also use Source tab just below the message preview pane.

Message Editor popup menu

This popup menu is dependent on Internet Explorer and allows you to do various operations, including Cut, Copy and Paste.