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Registered users can now easily suggest new features and vote for previously suggested features in the registered user page. The voting system is very easy to use - all you have to do is click the "Like" button next to a feature description. You can click on any number of features but you can only give one vote to each. The system is fully transparent so you can see which new features are the most popular.

We encourage you to vote because this results in two important benefits - first, you leave a trail you asked for a certain feature so we can easily track it and notify you when it is ready to use, and second, you give us better image what features we should focus on first and which are more important to you.

Free users cannot ask for new features or vote, so this only benefits registered users.

Let the extensive feature list speak for itself.

New features
  • CSV import can recognize more fields
  • Import wizard window extended with export options (either import or export options are shown)
  • Added export option (File menu)
  • New user interface control for inputting emails, allows multiple email addresses in To, Cc and Bcc fields with drop-down search box
  • Message viewer can open multi-selected messages in multiple windows (File/Open)
  • Cleans up incorrectly repeated Re/Fw/Fwd in subject line from other email clients when you use Reply or Forward
  • Address book entries now support multi-select operations, e.g. adding multiple contacts to message editor fields, deleting multiple contacts etc.
  • Clicking To, Cc and Bcc buttons in message editor opens address book
  • Attachments can now be removed with backspace key as well
  • Deleting contacts from address book now displays confirmation dialog
  • Outlook Express 6 import improved (retains folder structure, recognizes flags, account name, more stable, more import options)
  • Message decoder code refactored, 2 decoders were merged into one, more versatile - as a result there will be fewer bugs in message decoding calls
  • Folders can be deleted using Delete key
Bug fixes
  • CSV import no longer displays options errors when options are hidden
  • Support for multiple From in message decoder (uncommon but possible)
  • Reply, Reply To and Forward in message viewer now reply to correct sender instead of using sender from main window
  • Popup windows like the one for adding attachments no longer hide previous window that opened them
  • Bcc wasn't saved in outgoing message and therefore would never be used
  • OE_ prefix in Outlook Express 6 import is now gone for good
  • Message decoder attachment count is now consistent thanks to message decoder code refactoring
  • Version check incorrectly reported that there is a new version available (time zone difference)
  • Time zones were not taken into account when calculating message date and time
  • Received header in preview pane wasn't showing date in local format
  • Removed extra new line in message editor when signature is undefined
  • Forwarding a message no longer removes attachments

At last, this version brings you Address Book import, repeatedly requested by many people.

You can import from almost any program, including Outlook Express, Outlook, Windows Live Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird, web-mail services like Gmail or other program or web page which can export to CSV file (Comma Separated Values) or text file format. These files are quite common for exchanging address books.

OE Classic CSV import is very advanced and although it looks relatively simple it offers a lot. You can easily set how will each column be used, change field separator or set if CSV has a header row. You can also easily preview how the data will look before importing it using grid display.

You can easily adjust what you want to import from CSV file using options. Options are also automatically detected.
You can easily adjust what you want to import from CSV file using options. Options are also automatically detected.

To make this even easier for you we've made auto-detection of field separators, header row and automatic mapping of columns. We really did a stress test with CSV importer and it can now swallow almost any file, including non-standard ones and even the ones some well known programs could not.

Help has been updated to describe all the new options so please read it carefully to learn how to use it effectively.

More importers are coming soon.

New features
  • Import address book from Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Gmail and many other programs using CSV file (Comma Separated Values) or text file
  • Revised and easy to use import wizard - now you can start all importers from a single location
Bug fixes
  • Male contacts had female icons
  • Removed address book gender auto detection (it wasn't really useful nor precise)

This version fixes a few serious bugs and the startup error "list index out of bounds" some of you have been experiencing. It was caused by multiline From and Subject headers in a few (usually spam) emails. Normal emails should never have something like this. Although this version won't produce the error again and takes care of malformed headers if you experienced this error you still need to fix the current state of your mailbox.

We've made this easy for you - all you need to do is to run OE Classic with a command line parameter that will fix this.

Note: You should not run the following if you never experienced "list index out of bounds" error during program startup!

On Windows 7 - Click Start menu and in the field "Search programs and files" type (or even better, copy-paste) the following:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\OEClassic\OEClassic.exe" -console fixdb

On Windows XP - Click Start menu and select Run and then type (or paste) slightly different command:

"C:\Program Files\OEClassic\OEClassic.exe" -console fixdb

Make sure you include quotes as specified above - it is required as path has spaces in it. Once you run the above, a new window will appear and print some diagnostic messages. It should complete quickly. Once it finishes, click "OK" to close this window. Now you can run OE Classic normally as before.

New features
  • File menu Save As option for saving selected single email message in .eml format - works for newsgroup (.nws) messages too
Bug fixes
  • A number of fixes with regard to mailbox and disk operations, improved overall stability and better message decoder
  • Fixed "list index out of bounds" error on program startup (caused by different reason than the one we had before) related to malformed email headers like From and Subject (usually appeared in spam emails)

This version improves drag and drop functionality so now you have the ability to move messages to folders by dragging them (of course, the menus are still functional).

New features
  • Drag messages to folders to move them and if holding modifier keys (CTRL, SHIFT, ALT) to copy them
  • Folders, accounts and newsgroups are now sorted alphabetically wherever displayed
  • Folders are scrolling during drag operation and when mouse is near top or bottom of the folder list
Bug fixes
  • Dragging messages no longer causes program to slow down (was caused by reading from disk)
  • New folder and Rename folder now focus correctly onto a new or renamed folder after the operation is complete

Twitter feed added

Oct 15th, 2012

We just added Twitter feed so if you use Twitter you can follow us there as well. Follow button is in the newsletter box on the right.

New features
  • More message attachments are recognized - message/disposition-notification (notification on successful email delivery) and text/rfc822-headers (notification on failed email delivery)
Bug fixes
  • Less-than and greater-than signs are now properly displayed in text attachments that are displayed inline
  • Filename handling is now more robust when renaming or creating folders, subscribing to newsgroups, saving attachments - essentially any file operation
  • Fixed folder rename which caused program freeze if you used new-line characters as a part of new name
  • Fixed List index out of bounds error on program startup related to folder rename above

New features
  • Added blocked content bar above email viewer to load external content
  • OE Classic installation registers program as email and news client in Windows (will be used for setting as default email client)
Bug fixes
  • Last embedded image in message was never displayed
  • Improved compatibility with yDecode

On the bottom of the help page you can now find searchable email service providers database so it can help you configure your OE Classic accounts. The same database will also be used in future versions of OE Classic for automatic configuration of email account settings.

If you cannot find an entry in the current database or if it contains errors, you can contact us and suggest correct settings so we can update the database.

There was an issue with Add... button in Accounts window that normally starts Account Wizard. It didn't work in free version. Paid version was not affected by this bug. This version fixes that and also includes a couple more fixes we did in the meantime.

New features
  • Newsgroups and Address Book are placed in Tools menu and have keyboard shortcuts
Bug fixes
  • Ampersand character (&) wasn't displayed correctly in the folder bar
  • Some main menu items are now properly named
  • Add button in Tools/Accounts window (starts Account Wizard) didn't work in free version
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