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OE Classic 4.0 released!

Dec 12th, 2022

At last, OE Classic 4.0 is here!

Full list of features in OE Classic 4.0 follows:

New features
  • OAUTH2 support for Google/Microsoft/Yahoo/AOL accounts (IMAP/POP/SMTP)
  • Completely rewritten IMAP/POP/SMTP implementation which now all support TLS 1.3
  • Set as default option in Options/General
  • MAPI support (e.g. Send to - Mail recipient)
  • Set as default program for opening external .EML files (also "Open with" shell menu)
  • Set as default program for "mailto:" links and "Email Link" functionality in some web browsers
  • Improved Emoji selection panel in the Message Editor and expanded and updated Emoji set
  • New localization files - Turkish, Ukrainian
  • Safety Options (Safe/Blocked senders): Load/Save/Copy/Paste/Select All buttons and popup menu for lists, enter keypress to add a new text value into the list
  • Paste of comma or new line separated list of email addresses into To/Cc/Bcc is automatically converted to individual items
  • Drag and drop of attachments to the message editor
  • Completely rewritten message encoder which addresses a number of encoding issues and make a message more valid and more compatible with other programs
  • Completely rewritten message decoder which is now 63% faster and more accurate
  • Optimized From/To/Cc/Bcc header encoder to create smaller email address items
  • More strict error checking in the Account Properties for port settings
  • Duplicate recipients are removed automatically when sending a message
  • Message editor size optimization creates as small message as possible
  • More responsive UI - no longer blocking the communication thread
  • Message structure and other information shown in Message Properties/Expert
  • Edit/Copy in the main menu copies selected message text to clipboard
  • High DPI support (per monitor)
  • Improved messaging between Accounts/Options and various windows (Main/Editor/Viewer/Sync) to update modified settings instantly on all windows
  • New keyboard shortcut in the Main Window - CTRL+I (jump to Inbox)
  • New keyboard shortcuts in the Message Editor - CTRL+SHIFT+S (Insert default signature), CTRL+TAB (Cycle tabs Edit->Source->Preview), CTRL+SHIFT+TAB (Reverse cycle tabs Preview->Source->Edit), CTRL+Enter (Send Message)
  • Message HTML now entirely created in memory for faster display
  • New command line parameter (-identity "Name" "Password") - starts identity "Name" (optional "Password")
  • More modular design makes startup faster
  • Automatically fix incorrectly specified image file extensions for some emails
  • CTRL+drag-and-drop to the Message Editor to copy text from a text editing application or normal drag-and-drop to move text
  • Support for separate popup menus for images, hyperlinks and normal text in the Message Viewer/Editor
  • Complete rewrite of the HTML display component which fixes its bugs, limitations and memory leaks
  • Visual indicator in status bar of the Message Editor modified status
  • Options/Advanced: Browser engine (IE7-legacy for obsolete stationery, IE-Edge for modern engine)
  • Improved HTML rendering using IE11 engine
  • Percent-encoded URLs are decoded to show international characters in the status bar when hovering over links using the mouse pointer
  • Improved "mailto:" URI scheme parser supporting UTF-8 characters and the fields To/Cc/Bcc/Subject/Body/In-Reply-To
  • Main window status bar can be clicked to open Send/Receive window (if not shown) to monitor details of the ongoing Send/Receive operation
  • Options/General: Choose how often the errors will be displayed when checking for messages automatically (Always/After n errors/Never)
  • Message rules editing - Double click to edit, right click menu, enter keypress to add a new text value into the list
  • Options/Advanced: Warnings are made optional for permanent message delete, empty "Deleted Items" and empty "Junk Email"

Bug fixes
  • Fixed spell checker freezing on rare occasions
  • Print/Print Preview headers were too tiny on a high DPI system
  • Reply/Forward on certain messages could freeze the Message Editor so it would never show up
  • Check Names in the Message Editor now checks for duplicate email addresses across all fields (To/Cc/Bcc) instead of just one like before
  • Copy/Paste of single image did not work in the Message Editor (copying image and then pasting into another area of the text)
  • Switching between Edit/Source/Preview now stops running sounds and effects to avoid audio duplication in stationery
  • Preview tab in the Message Editor didn't work for VBScript on Windows 10 or newer
  • Embedded images no longer disappear after a message being edited is saved to Drafts
  • IMAP fixes for unrecognized message lists (5 fixes)
  • Fixed crash on program exit under some circumstances
  • Message Editor preview didn't allow clicking on links and link preview in the status bar
  • Message Editor popup menu Properties now enabled
  • Blocked content bar appeared for a short time if the first opened message had external images
  • No more slowdown on messages with invalid external links (showing/replying/forwarding)
  • Zoom over 100% didn't scroll initial message to top
  • Clicking into Message Editor uses font set by user
  • Improved detection of modified message in the Message Editor
  • Mouse wheel scrolling no longer shifts keyboard focus to the HTML viewer or editor
  • Dragged text object no longer covers drop location in the Message Editor
  • Mouse actions didn't set Message Editor modified status
  • CTRL-S didn't work while in the Message Editor
  • Right-to-left document wasn't properly set when opening RTL drafts
  • Tab key in preview pane no longer jumps through message viewer links
  • Right click in the Message Editor did not activate Paste button
  • Save as Stationery used incorrect filename
  • Standard folders (Inbox/Sent/Deleted...) were not localized in the Copy/Move window
  • Safety Options window no longer deletes blocked senders if OK is clicked without list modification
  • Updated SQLite library (v3.40.0.0)
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