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OE Classic 1.0a4 released

Apr 28th, 2011

New features
  • Message sorting is now much faster and more precise - it will also make program start faster
  • Message sorting by Windows locale (affects non-English languages)
  • Last message in folder is auto-selected on program startup and when switching folders
  • Some configuration items (toolbars) in INI file have new names
  • Main list-view columns positions and widths are now saved in configuration
  • Stored email database will be upgraded to Alpha 4 format to support new features in this version
Bug fixes
  • List-view sort direction triangle disappeared when column was double clicked
  • Some code refactoring to improve program stability
This version can upgrade your stored email database to Alpha 4 format from earlier versions - Alpha 1 to Alpha 3. Future versions will only support Alpha 4 format (and later) and when first stable version is released, it will only offer upgrade from the latest Alpha/Beta version available.

So - to keep your emails downloaded with these early alpha releases you only have to upgrade each version and not to skip them. Database format in stable releases will be less prone to changes and you will be able to upgrade at your own pace.
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