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Sep 30th, 2017

New website design is now live! It is conveniently optimized for mobile phones and tablets, but also on desktops the pages use more horizontal space - they are wider and they will stretch to fill the available web browser width up to a maximum width for which the design was made for.

All the menu items have remained in the same position, so you will know your way around instantly.

With this new design, modern web browsers get premium treatment, while older web browser users will get a notification they are using too old browser on top of the website page and that they should upgrade it.
Basically, if you are using any web browser more recent than 2011, the page will look as intended. Older web page was compatible even with Internet Explorer 6, but there is no reason to maintain that compatibility any longer in 2017, in favor of modern web features.

Due to modern web optimization, updated website now loads faster than the old page.

There will be a few more tweaks to further polish some parts of the website which may be misbehaving with the new design. If you also notice a misbehavior yourself, feel free to let us know, assuming you use modern and up-to-date web browser like the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari.
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