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Smaller DB file size in version 2.6

Oct 8th, 2016

Due to new SQLite database default page size increase from 1024 to 4096 bytes, we wanted to do a test how this would affect OE Classic folder .db files, such as Inbox.db.

Initially, when a folder is created, it makes a slightly larger file - 12 KB compared to the old size of 5 KB. But, as soon as the folder starts to fill up with messages these differences begin shifting in favor of the new (and larger page size) database format.

After moving 16,218 test messages into old and new folder format and comparing file size, the new format was over 50% smaller. More precisely, in our test case, new Inbox.db file was 11.7 MB and the old format used 23 MB. The MBX file was the same size, as it still uses the same format. So definitely a win for the new format as it uses less disk space, except initially when the files are small anyway. Also, with the increased page size it should also perform slightly faster as well (even though, we did not measure a significant difference).

To utilize this new page size format all you need to do is to update to version 2.6 (currently beta) which uses it automatically. Any newly created folder will use new page size which generates smaller database files.

Also, worth mentioning is that except the file size change this doesn't affect older folder files - they will continue to work just fine in this new version as well and no database format update is needed for now.
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