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OE Classic 2.52 released (improved editor)

Oct 4th, 2016

This version mostly improves message editor and fixes some bugs related to sending messages.

New features
  • View menu in message editor with 2 checkbox switches - All Headers (toggles Cc and Bcc fields), and Source Edit (toggles Edit/Source/Preview tabs)
  • Automatic expand/collapse of Cc and Bcc fields, depending on if they are filled or empty and if All Headers menu checkbox is unchecked
  • Show/Hide Cc/Bcc clickable label in message editor
  • Count of items in address book group properties
  • Default button in To/Cc/Bcc selection is highlighted in bold font
  • Notification if version is outdated when support form is started (only for stable versions)

Bug fixes
  • Folders inside Deleted Items could not be deleted
  • Fixed some controls DPI scaling issues (address book, address book selection, columns editor)
  • For new messages Message-ID and In-Reply-To headers were identical, which caused sending errors on some servers
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