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Windows 10 and database upgrades

Oct 3rd, 2014

After testing OE Classic on Windows 10, we are pleased to report it works without any glitches.

Windows 10 (preview) is very much like Windows 8.1 with the addition of the new Start menu so no major problems are expected for the final version of Windows 10 as well. Spell checker also functions just fine under Windows 10 just like on Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.

We're in the middle of large upgrade to OE Classic storage system. So here is an update about these changes - some of the features which this new system will allow to be added are the following:
  • Address book group contacts and contact folders
  • Shared contacts in address book (visible in all identities)
  • Number of unread messages next to a folder name
  • Additional folder attributes like custom icon and custom font (color, bold, italic)
  • Independent folder files - each folder file will be a standalone unit and will no longer be dependent on _Folders.db file
  • Ability to make an identical copy of a message in the same folder
  • Same format for both email and newsgroup folders (moving of messages from newsgroups will be easier)
  • Improved handling of message unique IDs ("leave a copy of messages on server" option)
  • Reduced size of DB files due to change to UTF-8 encoding instead of UTF-16LE encoding which is being used right now

One important thing to note is that after upgrading to version 2.2 final it will be impossible to go to back to previous version because of new storage format and associated functions.

As a consequence - your older backup will no longer be compatible with the new version so you need to create a new backup of your store folder files after the upgrade to the final version 2.2.

For now, while it is under development, upgrading to 2.2 beta does not yet require this and it is still backward compatible.

Automatic upgrade will be performed on a backed up copy of all files - so if there is any error during the upgrade, your original files will be preserved and as such, upgrade will be safe to run. Once the upgrade completes successfully only then your existing data will be replaced with upgraded files.

More info about all of this soon, when we complete these changes.
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