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OE Classic 2.0 released (Drafts, Auto-updates, EML import)

Jun 10th, 2014

As we want our users to have the latest and greatest version we have added automatic updates which should make process of updating much easier. Automatic updates can also detect new beta versions now as well. Of course, there are numerous other goodies such as Drafts editing and EML import. Comprehensive list of changes follows.

New features
  • Drafts functionality - saving unfinished message to Drafts folder and editing messages in Outbox or Drafts folders
  • Installing new version updates is now much easier due to program being able to update itself
  • Added EML import which can import multiple EML files from a folder and its subfolders
  • Send message immediately option added in Options - Compose
  • Added sending of Read Receipt request in message editor
  • Insert background color, background image and background sound in message editor (sound tags are cross-browser compatible)
  • Due to speed issues with Copy To/Move To folder menus, they have been replaced with window for selecting folder - users with a lot of folders will see significant speed increase when switching folders or identities
  • Messages are reloaded less frequently when switching folders
  • Jump to item in the list by typing a few letters (works for message list, folder list, contact list etc.)
  • If Authentication Type is set to Automatic and connection is already SSL/TSL secured, doesn't use APOP/SASL because there is no need for it and it also avoids problems with some servers which don't properly support APOP/SASL
  • Mark message as read after specified time or when opened in separate window (new option in Options - Read)
  • Save Attachments added in message viewer menu
  • Message viewer can be closed with Esc key
  • Email address in editor window is cleaned for extra spaces to reduce validation error appearances
  • Startup/shutdown code has been revised, as a result switching identities is now faster
Bug fixes
  • OpenSSL libraries updated to v1.0.1g to fix the TLS heartbeat read overrun (CVE-2014-0160) security issue
  • Changing account name in Account Properties window would reload wrong account data after clicking Apply button
  • Attachments could not be opened by clicking on attachment under specific system setup
  • Image attachments are no longer duplicated for inline (embedded) images when forwarding a message
  • When attaching a shortcut file, the program no longer attaches a file pointed by the shortcut but instead attaches the selected shortcut file
  • Improved encoding detection in incoming messages (improves display of international characters)
  • Corrected issues with certain UU-encoded files (usually found in the Newsgroups)
  • All mark as read/unread functions were rewritten to be even more stable
  • Removed duplicate decoding which caused slow Previous/Next operation in message viewer
  • Attachment Save As in message viewer reported error if file was overwritten
  • Message viewer Delete button is working now
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