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OE Classic 1.9 released (Auto-Config, Sound)

Feb 28th, 2014

New features
  • Automatic configuration of email accounts in account wizard - settings are fetched from online database, based on email address
  • Different column settings for Inbox, Outbox, Newsgroups, Find and Address Book and modified default columns (for Inbox - From column, for Outbox - To column, for Newsgroups - Subject column)
  • Added sound notification when new email arrives (a few sound files are supplied with the installation or you can use any other MP3 or WAV file)
  • Folder expanded/collapsed state is saved
  • System font name/size (for icons and main menu) are also used for displaying lists (messages, folders, contacts) and main/popup menus within OE Classic
  • Program graphics have been extracted out of the main executable into separate files (enables you to customize graphics)
  • Added validation into account properties and account wizard to avoid entering incorrect settings (e.g. empty server name, empty username or password, invalid email address)
  • Generated Message-Id is now 30% shorter and the chance of it being repeated has been reduced to the level of "statistical impossibility"
  • Message priority in message editor and drop-down menu for selecting it (high/normal/low), also available in main menu
  • Sending message creates message in memory and no longer uses temporary file (no BCC bug this time!)
  • Mark All as Read in Edit menu for email and newsgroups folders
  • Reply-To information added to replies
  • Email links in Original Message quote are now clickable
  • Individual accounts added in Send/Receive drop down menu and in main menu to download email from a single account
  • Check names function added in message edit window
  • Added popup menu for Accounts window and keyboard shortcuts (Return and Delete keys)
  • Added signature menu in editor window for selecting multiple signatures
  • Signatures can be HTML formatted (click the icon in signature list in Options to toggle between text or HTML)
  • If message was edited user is warned before closing it
  • SSL libraries have been updated and program can now connect to secure servers using SSL v3.0, TLS v1.0, TLS v1.1 and TLS v1.2
Bug fixes
  • "Include this account when receiving e-mail" checkbox in account properties was blocking sending of emails, not just receiving as the option indicates
  • Added icons which have been missing under certain toolbar sizes
  • Fixed authentication issue with some news servers (eternal-september and a few others)
  • Fixed possible access violation when downloading newsgroup messages
  • Priority was not interpreted correctly for some messages
  • Message-Id was not sent to server
  • Various issues with message escaping and unescaping
  • Folder actions (New, Rename, Delete...) were not consistently enabled/disabled in main menu like in popup menu
  • Reply-To is now used instead of From address when replying to a message
  • Account properties no longer refreshes folder or account list if no changes have been done
  • Message editor will auto-complete email typing instead of reporting an error if email typing wasn't completed
  • Account is properly selected after Add/Properties/Set as Default operations in Accounts window, for Delete operation first account is selected
  • To avoid certain issues internal account number is no longer reused but incremented every time
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