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OE Classic 1.7 released (HTML Editor, Stationery)

Nov 7th, 2013

We have 2 words for you - HTML and Stationery. So with this version OE Classic finally supports sending email in HTML format which has been neglected for way too long, although as we look back now, it wasn't a big technical challenge. And as we added HTML we figured - let's also add stationery support compatible with Outlook Express - so there you have it! To be able to use OE stationery you need to place it in special folder %LOCALAPPDATA%\OEClassicStationery and paths to image files must be relative (you may have to manually modify paths in some stationery files). Of course, different stationery folder is possible.

An example of HTML stationery with various message formatting
An example of HTML stationery with various message formatting

Another stationery in message viewer window (also plays background sound)
Another stationery in message viewer window (also plays background sound)

There are many other improvements so take a look at the list:

New features
  • Message editor HTML formatting and HTML outgoing messages
  • Stationery email support (compatible with existing Outlook Express/Windows Live Mail stationery)
  • Improvements in HTML and plain-text message formatting before sending
  • Added a lot of items in message editor main menu
  • Simplified installation of upgrades in installer
  • Improved detection of external images or other external content
  • Improved detection of embedded content like images, background images, scripts etc.
  • Improved quoting of replied message
  • Message-Id and In-Reply-To are utilized now
  • New option tabs (Read, Compose) with options to disable content blocking, include message in reply, set default font for message editor
  • Printing contacts in Address Book
Bug fixes
  • Improvements and fixes in message list (sorting is faster)
  • After clicking on column headers old selection is kept and message list is positioned where the old selection was
  • Toolbars are no longer wrapped when window is resized
  • If message was opened in viewer window and folder was changed in main window, message Reply/Reply All/Forward were no longer working
  • If message is already decoded it is not decoded again when opening in a new message viewer window
  • Some buttons and main menu items in separate viewer window are now functional (Print, Previous, Next and Address Book)
  • Added missing attachment information when printing emails with attachments
  • Minor memory leaks when opening messages
  • "Floating point division by zero" when loading message or after clicking on blocked content bar
  • Multipart/related content type is no longer detected as empty attachment
  • BCC was broken in version 1.64
  • Replying to HTML-only messages (without plain-text part) properly displays original message in a reply
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