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OE Classic 1.40 released (GUI improvements)

Feb 21st, 2013

Let the extensive feature list speak for itself.

New features
  • CSV import can recognize more fields
  • Import wizard window extended with export options (either import or export options are shown)
  • Added export option (File menu)
  • New user interface control for inputting emails, allows multiple email addresses in To, Cc and Bcc fields with drop-down search box
  • Message viewer can open multi-selected messages in multiple windows (File/Open)
  • Cleans up incorrectly repeated Re/Fw/Fwd in subject line from other email clients when you use Reply or Forward
  • Address book entries now support multi-select operations, e.g. adding multiple contacts to message editor fields, deleting multiple contacts etc.
  • Clicking To, Cc and Bcc buttons in message editor opens address book
  • Attachments can now be removed with backspace key as well
  • Deleting contacts from address book now displays confirmation dialog
  • Outlook Express 6 import improved (retains folder structure, recognizes flags, account name, more stable, more import options)
  • Message decoder code refactored, 2 decoders were merged into one, more versatile - as a result there will be fewer bugs in message decoding calls
  • Folders can be deleted using Delete key
Bug fixes
  • CSV import no longer displays options errors when options are hidden
  • Support for multiple From in message decoder (uncommon but possible)
  • Reply, Reply To and Forward in message viewer now reply to correct sender instead of using sender from main window
  • Popup windows like the one for adding attachments no longer hide previous window that opened them
  • Bcc wasn't saved in outgoing message and therefore would never be used
  • OE_ prefix in Outlook Express 6 import is now gone for good
  • Message decoder attachment count is now consistent thanks to message decoder code refactoring
  • Version check incorrectly reported that there is a new version available (time zone difference)
  • Time zones were not taken into account when calculating message date and time
  • Received header in preview pane wasn't showing date in local format
  • Removed extra new line in message editor when signature is undefined
  • Forwarding a message no longer removes attachments
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