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OE Classic 1.28 released (important bug fixes, save as)

Dec 23rd, 2012

This version fixes a few serious bugs and the startup error "list index out of bounds" some of you have been experiencing. It was caused by multiline From and Subject headers in a few (usually spam) emails. Normal emails should never have something like this. Although this version won't produce the error again and takes care of malformed headers if you experienced this error you still need to fix the current state of your mailbox.

We've made this easy for you - all you need to do is to run OE Classic with a command line parameter that will fix this.

Note: You should not run the following if you never experienced "list index out of bounds" error during program startup!

On Windows 7 - Click Start menu and in the field "Search programs and files" type (or even better, copy-paste) the following:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\OEClassic\OEClassic.exe" -console fixdb

On Windows XP - Click Start menu and select Run and then type (or paste) slightly different command:

"C:\Program Files\OEClassic\OEClassic.exe" -console fixdb

Make sure you include quotes as specified above - it is required as path has spaces in it. Once you run the above, a new window will appear and print some diagnostic messages. It should complete quickly. Once it finishes, click "OK" to close this window. Now you can run OE Classic normally as before.

New features
  • File menu Save As option for saving selected single email message in .eml format - works for newsgroup (.nws) messages too
Bug fixes
  • A number of fixes with regard to mailbox and disk operations, improved overall stability and better message decoder
  • Fixed "list index out of bounds" error on program startup (caused by different reason than the one we had before) related to malformed email headers like From and Subject (usually appeared in spam emails)
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