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Jan 20th, 2011

Here are some sneak preview screenshots. They clearly show Windows XP shots which is our main testing environment but the software works perfectly on Windows 7 as well. Note that sensitive data like email addresses has been intentionally blurred on screenshots.

Although the goal is to retain most of the user interface as close to the original as possible, OE Classic is not a copy of Outlook Express - it is an improvement. More info and downloads coming up soon.

Main window overview

Main window looks very similar to Outlook Express with all the main options where you expect them to be.


Accounts list and account properties

Accounts list is almost identical to Outlook Express and account properties are slightly simplified and better organized. Most of the options are very similar.


Wizard for setting up new accounts

Wizard is more up to date and very easy to use, also better organized than the one in Outlook Express.


Send and Receive window

Send and Receive shows more information about currently downloaded emails and there is a log window in case of issues with email download. Big icon shows a global status - if any of the tasks failed the big icon will show the highest level of error reached (4 levels in total - OK, info, warning and error).

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