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OE Classic 1.0b released and available for purchase!

Jun 10th, 2011

New features
  • Two versions - basic (limited) and pro (unlimited) available for purchase
  • Messages are now deleted from server after successful download
  • Expiration date removed
  • Added mini-tabs below the message view for source viewing
  • Welcome message when Inbox is empty
Bug fixes
  • Message list doesn't count attachments twice anymore
IMPORTANT: Starting with this version OE Classic will delete emails from server (after it successfully downloads them). If you still want to use it in "test mode", then you should set the option Leave a copy of messages on server in your account properties.

This version is now available for purchase at promo price. Use the opportunity to get it while it is only $19.95 because when the newsreader is implemented the price will certainly go up. The price includes updates!
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