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OE Classic 1.0a7 release and important announcement

Jun 6th, 2011

New features
  • Address book - Add, modify or delete contact email and other info
  • Flag and watch columns are now functional
  • Add files as attachment in message edit
  • Auto-complete contact in message edit with drop-down selection
  • Auto-recognition of male/female contact if unspecified manually
IMPORTANT: This is final Alpha version. Starting with next version OE Classic will delete emails from server (after it successfully downloads them). If you still want to use it in "test mode", then you should set the option Leave a copy of messages on server in your account properties. New version (1.0 Beta) will be split into limited free version and unlimited full version available for ordering at promotional price.

Following few releases will shift focus from new features to fixing, speeding up and extensive testing of built-in features. After that is done, we'll continue adding new options like Newsreader, RSS, Calendar etc.
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