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OE Classic Pro users can already download new and improved version 2.8.
Updated on Mar 18th, 2018 - Order now to get v2.8!

If you don't have access to Pro yet, here is what you're missing out:


OE Classic 2.8 (the latest Pro version)

Mar 18th, 2018
New features
  • [2017-11-03] Option to import CSV file into existing or new address book folder
  • [2017-11-03] Improved recognition of some data fields for CSV file import
  • [2017-11-03] Import/Export window can be resized to fit more data
  • [2017-11-03] Notification for Windows 2000/XP only about discontinuing contact form functionality, no changes for any newer versions of Windows
  • [2017-11-07] Added multilingual support
  • [2017-12-12] Message editor Check names now also validates emails inside groups
  • [2017-12-14] Faster and more accurate email address validator
  • [2017-12-14] Message editor Check names checks for duplicate recipients (in the same field)
  • [2017-12-14] Message editor checks for duplicate attachments
  • [2018-01-10] Added multilingual counting plural rules
  • [2018-01-19] Option to set default message direction right-to-left
  • [2018-01-21] Save As message saving now also offers HTML or Text formats
  • [2018-01-28] Find window improvements - Include subfolders checkbox, folder Browse button, closing window by ESC key
  • [2018-02-03] Custom folder colors (right click menu over folders)
  • [2018-02-06] 10 language files (Croatian, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Spanish, Swedish)
  • [2018-02-08] Plurals in message rules relative dates editor
  • [2018-02-16] 3D panels replaced with flat ones for modern looks
  • [2018-02-20] Improved email validator
  • [2018-03-05] Toolbar buttons sized based on individual button widths
  • [2018-03-08] Formatting buttons (bold, italic, underline etc.) in message editor show status under the text cursor
  • [2018-03-15] More windows can be closed using ESC key - Message Editor, Address Book, Send/Receive
  • [2018-03-15] Better detection in message editor if message was modified (deleting To/Cc/Bc fields, using File/Save menu item etc.)
  • [2018-03-15] Find added to main window Edit menu and popup menu (right click over folder)
  • [2018-03-18] Improved accessibility for Import/Export, Contact/Group Properties, Account Properties, Message Edit, Message Viewer, Column Editor, Find, Message Rules, Options, Update
Bug fixes
  • [2017-12-07] No longer jumps to the top of Address Book when items are deleted (Address Book and Main window)
  • [2018-01-29] Incorrect help shortcuts in the installation script
  • [2018-03-12] Typing TAB in message editor no longer selects horizontal line or image
If you want to access the above features in v2.8 order OE Classic Pro now!

OE Classic web site launch

Nov 10th, 2010

Web site launch.

More news and a preview version coming up soon!
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