OE Classic - Easy to use Outlook Express replacement

OE Classic - Replacement for Outlook Express

OE Classic is an email and Usenet reader designed to be a perfect replacement for Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail and even Mozilla Thunderbird.

The ultimate goal of OE Classic is to be an easy to use, fast, small and secure program with lots of power features and yet, easy to use for a beginner. Accessibility is also our important goal. Your data always belongs to you as it is stored in a public-domain format and there are no storage size limits.

Download OE Classic 2.43 For Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000

How does OE Classic compare to Outlook Express, Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail?

This table shows some of similarities and differences between OE Classic, Outlook Express, Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail. The table is based on user comments and our technical research.

Feature Outlook Express Windows Mail Windows Live Mail 2009-2012 OE Classic
User interface Simple Simple, but some features missing like identities More features missing, ribbons, unintuitive, takes more time for the former Outlook Express user to get used to Easy to use, very similar to Outlook Express
Identities Yes No No Yes (paid/Pro users)
Address book Windows Address Book (WAB) Windows Contacts Windows Contacts Built-in
Message storage Undocumented (closed source) proprietary database with access interface (API) (DBX format) Proprietary database with access interface (API) (EML/ESE/JetBlue format) Proprietary database without access interface, your emails are locked in proprietary database - this makes it difficult to export data (EML/ESE/JetBlue format) Public domain database formats (your email data belongs to you), all formats are documented in the help (SQLite/MBX format)
Supported OS Windows XP (and older) Windows Vista only Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (2009)

Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (2011)

Windows 7, Windows 8 (2012)
All modern Windows (and future Windows), Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000
Up to date No
(only for Windows XP)
(only for Windows Vista)
(latest version 2012)
(actively developed and improved)
Folder limits Only 2 GB (corruption may occur beyond this, quite easily exceeded) Unknown Unknown No (limited only by disk size)
Secure message storage No (possible folder corruption, especially with Compact function) Unknown Unknown Yes (crash proof message saving, can even handle power-off in the middle of message save)
User support No No No Quick and dedicated support directly from developers (read full benefits on order page)
Easily move messages/data to new machine No (needs third party programs) No (needs third party programs) No (needs third party programs) Yes
Can you request new features? No No No Yes (paid users)
Price Free with Windows XP purchase (bundled) Free with Windows Vista purchase (bundled) Free Free / $24.95

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We do not ask users to write testimonials for us! We're just too busy working on this program and answering user support questions quickly. Occasionally, a nice email comes along from our users - here is a brief selection of some. Some messages may refer to obsolete and already bug-fixed versions (Pro version is updated very often).


I would like to thank you for your quick response to my initial enquiry and to congratulate you on such a fine product. After testing the free version I could see it was good, but it was a wise move to quickly upgrade to the Pro version to get rid of the advertising built into outgoing emails... and so well worth it.

When my old Windows XP crashed for the final time I was devastated about the loss of some 15 years of emails in DBX files. I was forced to move to a new PC running Windows 7 (preferred choice for serious business, as opposed to Windows 8). And I couldn't find any email programs that matched the really helpful file organisation and simple functionality that Outlook Express once offered: great for nested folders and a logical email organisation. Was there any hope of getting my old files back? I found a program which said it could read them but I was unimpressed when I tried it out. So then I tried OE Classic.

OE Classic works just like the original Outlook Express - actually, much better, without some of the quirks. I didn't really expect to be able to recover my old emails because they had not recently been compacted and there were so many. However, I imported them to a new folder and... 3 hours later there they all were! Then I compacted them; better late than never!

What a fantastic product. It may not offer spam filtering (yet) but there are workarounds for that with its POP3 capability and the suggestions offered by the OE Classic team. So if you are stuck because you've lost old Outlook Express files this has to be your best solution.

Best wishes,
Ian Kingsley (writer at iankingsley.com)
(March, 2015)


Thank you for your quick reply to my enquiry earlier today.

I confess that had I realised the address function was enabled via FILE even in the basic version, and printing enabled via right click, I probably wouldn't have bought the Pro version. However, I'm now glad that I have contributed to your business by buying the Pro version as I love the simple, clear appearance of OE and am glad to be encouraging you in this endeavour.

I was most annoyed when I bought a new computer about a year ago with Windows 7 loaded (I previously had XP) to find that Outlook Express had been discontinued some while ago and the only free Microsoft option was Live Messenger. I can't stand all the complicated jumble of bells and whistles and social networking paraphernalia in that program and the unnecessary disc space it uses so I have used Thunderbird for the past year. Now however, I have had to change service providers to BT Internet, and in spite of loading the correct settings, Thunderbird works only intermittently in retrieving and sending email using my new email address via BT Internet. I suspect the fault is with BT rather than Thunderbird, but BT technical help only supports Microsoft programs so I was unable to obtain any help from them.

Your OE program has been functioning perfectly since I downloaded the non-Pro version this morning, and was more simple to set up than Thunderbird - in fact, it took only a few seconds to input the settings once it was downloaded! So keep up the good work.

Thank you very much for taking the time to explain so clearly about the word wrapping and for implementing the 80 column auto-wrap in version 1.20. It is most interesting for me to see how you are building and adding to OE Classic.

Yesterday I was experimenting with window size and discovered the temporary fix you mention of making the window narrower, so that is what I'll do until version 1.2 is released.

I just love the clear, simple appearance of OE Classic and I look forward to seeing the various new additions in 1.20 and beyond. OE Classic is a masterpiece in the making!

Best wishes,
Nathan G. (UK)

Note: v1.20 is old version now and has been superseded by later releases which always include bug-fixes and new features. Up-to-date version is available on download page and information about new features is available on news page.


I've had Windows 7 for three years now, the only email program that I could find that I liked was Outlook, however it was at times a pain. A few weeks ago in the Windows Secrets forum a member mentioned your mail program. Of all the programs I've tried it's the best by far.

Many thanks,
Lee H.


I would like to report to you that OE Classic is working very well. I really do appreciate all the hard work you all have done on providing this application to the Outlook Express 6 community. You have saved us from the other junk email applications that are cumbersome and difficult to use. This is a great application and I look forward to using this for a very long time.

John E.


Tonight, I downloaded the program and I am pleased beyond words! What a great program that kept the feel of OE6 and added some wonderful improvements! Thank you!

John W. M.


You are great! Most sites don't give a **** and won't communicate. MS are total ********. OE Classic is an excellent program in its simplicity.

The problem today is that the geeks get to design the background details of a program and the interface as well. They are out of touch with reality. The controls on cars are a good example when you are required to flip through a menus to operate the volume or change a station on the radio (as you smash into the rear of the car in front of you). The interface must be designed first by normal humans and then the geeks should be told to make it work.

Much appreciated for you honesty and support.

Hugh H.


Very rare to get this level of service.
I appreciate it!

Thanks again,
A Satisfied Customer,
Dennis H.


No Question! Just to thank you for your excellent email programme. I was dreading upgrading from Windows XP as I knew Outlook Express was going. OE Classic is an ideal replacement and probably better than the original.



Thank you soooo much for your help. I am now up and running and have everything back to normal.

I want to tell you that I have never received so much tech help anywhere else as I receive from you.



I went from XP to 8.1, the Windows Mail app ***** so much and Microsoft was NO help in helping me find something better... maybe $100 for Outlook 2013.

This is what I wanted, this took my XP emails and what was in the **** Windows Mail and it was sooooooo EZ!!!!

Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!

Paul B.


Thank you very much for replying to my email.

I have now purchased OE Classic Pro.

Using the extremely useful, detailed information contained within your email, coupled with your outstanding online manual.

I have managed very successfully to install OE Classic Pro. Copy my considerable number of files / folders and Address Book from Outlook Express to OE Classic Pro. And finally to migrate OE Classic Pro to my swanky new laptop. As a result, I can now condemn my creaky old Desktop PC to the local re-cycling centre.

I am a very happy chap and I consider OE Classic Pro to be wonderful value for money.

John R.


I have NEVER had a program where I got the quick technical service you give.

Many thanks.

John S.


The investment made in your program goes way beyond the money spent.

Thank you very much!

Ingrid F.


Thanks for all your great work!

I'm always amazed and touched by your fantastic customer support and lightning-fast responses.

Vika M.


Thanks a Million.

Finally I have a clean path for migration from Windows XP!

best regards,
Dr. Dietmar H.


I am replying to you from my new wonderful OE Classic Inbox!!! Everything has worked beautifully and I am so grateful to you for taking the time to tutor me through this. All your instructions have been terrific and I am thrilled with the result. I will recommend OE Classic to everyone I know. Thank you again.

Moira F.

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